Volume 6 of Miguel Llobet's Guitar Works
Spain to Mittel-Europa

Guitar Solos - Transcriptions III


VILLAR: Berceuse (canción leonesa)
VILLAR: Danza Española

VALVERDE: Clavelitos

BIZET: La Arlesiana

CHAMINADE: Aire de Ballet No. 3 (1925)*


TCHAIKOVSKY: Mazurka op. 40 no. 5*

GRIEG: Melodia Noruega from op. 24

BUFALETTI: Mazurka (1918)

This edition contains three previously unpublished transcriptions for guitar solo. The Berceuse for the first time in the form in which it was played by Llobet (quite different to the UME publication), and the Tchaikovsky Mazurka and Cécile Chaminade's Air de Ballet, both of which are published now for the first time.
52 pages
ISBN 978-3-89044-907-7 - Order no. GHE912 - € 19,90




Volume 12 of Miguel Llobet's Guitar Works.

Four unedited works by Manuel de Falla specially arranged for the Llobet-Anido guitar duo.

Danza del Molinero
Danza ritual del Fuego.

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Performing score 52 pages

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Volume 8 of Miguel Llobet's Guitar Works.

We present a new authoritative reading of Manuel de Falla’s Homenaje. Based on the 1926 Chester edition, with added additional fingering and playing indications from a previously unknown manuscript of Llobet of 1922 in contrasting typography. Thanks to these we arrive at and are able to present an authentic, balanced, proven and new perspective and reading of this famous work.

Llobet’s transcriptions of the Romance del Pescador and the Canción del Fuego Fatuo are published here for the first time.

This edition is generously documented and contains several Manuscripts of Llobet and Falla, as well as some recently discovered letters from Falla to Llobet which confirm Llobet’s close and welcomed cooperation with Falla in arriving in 1920 at what was to be published in the Guitar Review, and then later in the 1926 Chester edition. Our edition includes the ‘Homenaje’ from ‘La Guitarra’, Falla’s article ‘Claude Debussy et l’Espagne’ and the edition of the ‘Homenaje’ from ‘La Revue Musicale’ (1920) as well as the version of the Homenaje published in Argentina in 1923. As with the other volumes of the series this edition includes historical notes and a comprehensive critical commentary by Stefano Grondona.

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We are delighted to offer a free CD of the three works in this volume plus 11 bonus tracks.

Our CD offers wonderful performances of Llobet’s complete transcriptions of Falla’s music transcribed for solo guitar, guitar duo, voice & guitar.

Interpreters: Stefano Grondona (guitar), Laura Mondiello (guitar) María José Montiel (Mezzo-Soprano)

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Here are six beautiful compositions by Ponce. None of these actually had the benefit of have being performed or recorded by Andrés Segovia. With this issue we redress this imbalance thanks to Stefano Gronfona, a favourite pupil of Segovia.

Dos Viñetas: Vespertina y Rondino (Matinal)

Dos Canciones Mexicanas: Estrellita, Cuiden su vida,

Final del Homenaje a Tárrega, Variaciones - Tema de A. de Cabezón (Jean Tisserand)

The accompanying CD also contains the following 4 bonus tracks in addition to recordings of the entire contents of the album: Andante de la Sonata II (Thorens), La Pajarera, Por ti mi corazón, La Valentina. Note that all 5 canciones mexicanas are presented on this CD.
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Tárrega's unedited transcription of Albéniz’ Célebre Serenata Española (Cádiz) in the key of G has just recently been identified by Stefano Grondona in a manuscript copied by Miguel Llobet, probably while he was still a pupil of Tárrega.

This beautiful and subtle transcription is not overcomplicated to play, Tárrega did not try to do everything, as some more recent transcribers have attempted to do. The melody sings and the accompaniment is subtly always there. The tuning with the 5th string to G, and the 6th to D, is no hindrance - on the contrary it is a boon. We are not aware of any published version of this work in G major, and this particular version has never been published until now. We are delighted to make it available for the first time in a new scholarly edition prepared from Llobet’s meticulously accurate manuscript, a copy of which is reproduced in the edition.









Miguel Llobet - Guitar Works vol. 15

Lira Orfeo - The Complete Repertoire
Performing score · 112 pp
GHE915 · € 39,90

The very first publication of the complete repertoire compiled
by Miguel Llobet for the "Lira Orfeo" plucked instrument orchestra,
beautifully documented with a critical commentary as well as rare

archive material and photographs compiled and edited

by Stefano Grondona - see our shop for details, contents and











24 Preludios para guitarra
critical-performing edition

Music book + CD+


32 pages · €19,90

UEPrepared from the composer's autograph manuscripts, this new critical-
UEperforming edition clarifies some long-standing issues with the music text of this
UEimportant work by Ponce and presents it in the form he had wished to see it
UEpublished, as a cycle of 24 preludes each in a different key.
UEA magnificent recording of the preludes is included, played by Stefano Grondona.












Volume 4

Guitar Solos - Transcriptions I - Cuadrat d’Or

64 pages - Order Number GHE 904

ISBN 978-3-89044-904-3 - € 22,50


BACH: Preludio BWV999, Preludio de la Suite I para violoncello BWV1007, Preludio para la Suite III para violoncello,
BWV1009, Preludio para la Suite IV para violoncello BWV1010, Sarabanda de la Sonata II para violin solo BWV1002,
Bourrée de la Sonata II para violin solo BWV1002.
MOZART: Aria de ‘Don Juan’ (Vedrai, carino), Andante de la Sonata III K330.
BEETHOVEN: Sonata, Romanza, Largo de la Sonata no. 4 op. 7,
Andante de la Sonata n. 10 op. 14 no. 2, Allegretto de la Sonata no. 14 op. 27 no. 2,
‘Claro de Luna’, Fragmento de la Sonata no. 23 op. 57, ‘Apasionata’,
Fragmento de la Sonata no. 30 op. 109. WAGNER: Fragmento de la ópera ‘Parsifal’.


Volume 4 is an absolute gem! A showcase of Miguel Llobet’s art of transcribing
which includes six previously unpublished arrangements.








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The remaining volumes of the 15 volume New Miguel Llobet Critical Edition are in preparation for 2021

New Fernando Sor 14-volume critical edition -planned release April 2021