Sor, Fernando
SOR Collected Works - Set of 14 Volumes
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We proudly present a new critical edition of the collected guitar works by Fernando Sor. Some titles in this edition may be new to some readers, eg the contents of volume 10. This new edition is the biggest new publishing undertaking for the music of Sor since the 1970s.
Our editor Erik Stenstadvold is a noted expert on 19th century guitar music and publishes regularly in leading professional journals such as ‘Soundboard’ and ‘Early Music’. His life-long preoccupation with Sor and his music, both as a performer and researcher, has resulted in a meticulous edition combining scholarly accuracy and practical usefulness.
All relevant early sources have been consulted, often several different printed editions and manuscripts of a particular work. In each case the most dependable source has been chosen as copy text, on the basis of historical evidence and textual reliability.
Variances and errors in the original scores are corrected and discussed in the comprehensive critical commentaries. All volumes contain detailed introductory notes that place the individual works in their historical context and discuss particular notation problems. Suggestions for the interpretation of ornaments are also provided. In Volume 1 and 2 (Studies), Sor’s likely purpose of each individual study is discussed in relation to the technique and fingering principles he describes in his 1830 Méthode.
The music scores are produced at ‘concert size’ with clear and accurate music engraving and high-quality German printing. Original fingering is retained, but in order to make the music more accessible to players in general, editorial fingering has been judiciously added in works with little or no indications in the original editions. Added fingerings are easily distinguishable from the original ones by their different typefaces.
The guitar duos come with full-size study scores and separate parts. As an optional extra we offer a ‘pocket’ size score with all the duos (188 pages, 17 x 24 cms).
Each volume has its own thematic index with incipits and the pages include headers to assist navigation. We offer, at a special low price, an optional thematic index volume referenced to the complete edition, which is of practical use (order number GHE 896).
VOLUME 1 - Advanced Guitar Studies
Sor, Fernando: 12 Etudes Op. 6
Sor, Fernando: 12 Etudes Op. 29

VOLUME 2 - Easy to intermediate Guitar Studies
Sor, Fernando: 24 Leçons Progressives Op. 31
Sor, Fernando: 24 Exercices Très Faciles Op. 35
Sor, Fernando: Introduction à l’Etude de la Guitare – 25 Leçons Progressives Op. 60
Sor, Fernando: Exercises from Sor’s Méthode [a selection].

VOLUME 3 - Guitar Solos - Opp. 1 – 9
Sor, Fernando: 6 Divertimentos 1st set Op. 1
Sor, Fernando: 6 Divertimentos 2nd set Op. 2
Sor, Fernando: Thêma Varié et un Menuet Op. 3
Sor, Fernando: Air Varié (variant reading of Op. 3)
Sor, Fernando: Fantasia (Deuxième Fantaisie) Op. 4
Sor, Fernando: Six Petites Pièces Op. 5
Sor, Fernando: Fantaisie Op. 7
Sor, Fernando: 6 Divertimentos 3rd set Op. 8
Sor, Fernando: Introduction et Variations sur un Thême de Mozart Op. 9 1st ed.
Sor, Fernando: Introduction et Variations sur un Thême de Mozart Op. 9 2nd ed.

VOLUME 4 - Guitar Solos - Opp. 10 – 15
Sor, Fernando: Troisième Fantaisie Op. 10
Sor, Fernando: 2 Thêmes Variés et Douze Menuets Op. 11
Sor, Fernando: Fantaisie (Quatrième Fantaisie) Op. 12
Sor, Fernando: 6 Divertimentos 4th set Op. 13
Sor, Fernando: Grand Solo (Sonata prima) Op. 14
Sor, Fernando: Les Folies d’Espagne et un Menuet Op. 15(a)
Sor, Fernando: Sonate (Sonata seconda) Op. 15(b)
Sor, Fernando: Thème Varié Op. 15(c).
Sor, Fernando: Gran Solo de Sor arr. by D. Aguado (facsimile)

VOLUME 5 - Guitar Solos - Opp. 16 – 22
Sor, Fernando: Cinquième Fantaisie – Vars. sur “Nel cor più non mi sento” Op. 16
Sor, Fernando: 6 Valtzes 1er Livre Op.17
Sor, Fernando: 6 Valtzes – 2e Livre Op. 18
Sor, Fernando: 6 Airs Choisis de l’Opéra de Mozart “Il Flauto Magico” Op.19
Sor, Fernando: Introduction et Thême Varié Op. 20
Sor, Fernando: “Les Adieux !” – 6ème Fantaisie Op. 21
Sor, Fernando: Grande Sonate Op. 22.

VOLUME 6 - Guitar Solos - Opp. 23 – 28
Sor, Fernando: Cinquième Divertissement Op. 23
Sor, Fernando: 8 Petites Pièces Op. 24
Sor, Fernando: 2ème Grande Sonate Op. 25
Sor, Fernando: Introduction et Vars sur l’Air “Que ne suis-je la fougère!” Op. 26
Sor, Fernando: Introduction et Variations sur l’Air “Gentil Housard” Op. 27
Sor, Fernando: Introduction et Variations sur l’Air “Malbroug” Op. 28.

VOLUME 7 - Guitar Solos - Opp. 30 – 40
Sor, Fernando: Septième Fantaisie et Variations Brillantes Op. 30
Sor, Fernando: 6 Petites Pièces Faciles Op. 32
Sor, Fernando: 3 Pièces de Société Op. 33
Sor, Fernando: 3 Pièces de Société Op. 36
Sor, Fernando: Sérénade Op. 37
Sor, Fernando: Fantaisie sur un Air favori Ecossais (“Ye banks and braes”) Op. 40.

VOLUME 8 - Guitar Solos - Opp. 42 – 48
Sor, Fernando: 6 Petites Pièces Op. 42
Sor Fernando: “Mes Ennuis” – 6 Bagatelles Op. 43
Sor, Fernando: 24 Petites Pièces Progressives Op. 44
Sor, Fernando: “Voyons si c’est ça” – 6 Petites Pièces Op. 45
Sor Fernando: Souvenir d’Amitié – Fantaisie Op. 46
Sor, Fernando: 6 Petites Pièces Progressives Op. 47
Sor, Fernando: “Est-ce bien ça?” 6 Pièces Op. 48.

VOLUME 9 - Guitar Solos - Opp. 50 – 59
Sor, Fernando: “Le Calme” – Caprice Op. 50
Sor, Fernando: “À la bonne Heure” – 6 Valses Op. 51
Sor, Fernando: Fantaisie Villageoise Op. 52
Sor, Fernando: Morceau de Concert Op. 54
Sor, Fernando: Souvenirs d’une Soirée à Berlin – Fantaisie Op. 56
Sor, Fernando: 6 Valses et un Galop Op. 57
Sor, Fernando: Fantaisie Op. 58
Sor, Fernando: Fantaisie Elégiaque Op. 59.

VOLUME 10 - 16 Guitar Solos - WoO
Sor, Fernando: Meditación dedicated to Huerta WoO
Sor, Fernando: La Candeur–petit Rêverie WoO
Sor, Fernando: Marche du Ballet de Cendrillon WoO
Sor, Fernando: Andante from Sor‘s Méthode WoO
Sor, Fernando: Air Varié (on a chromatic theme) WoO
Sor, Fernando: Thema Varié WoO
Sor, Fernando: **Variations Espagnoles WoO
Sor, Fernando: *Contradanza WoO
Sor, Fernando: Three minuets WoO
Sor, Fernando: Three pieces removed from the first edition of op. 23 WoO
(Minuetto Allegretto non troppo Allemande)
Sor, Fernando: **Tema con Variaciones WoO
Sor, Fernando: **Minué Afandangado con Variaciones WoO

VOLUME 11 - Easy to Intermediate Guitar Duos – Parts
Sor, Fernando: Divertissement Op. 38
Sor, Fernando: 6 Valses par différens Auteurs arr. by Sor Op. 39
Sor, Fernando: 6 Valses Op. 44bis
Sor, Fernando: Divertissement Militaire Op. 49
Sor, Fernando: Le premier pas vers moi – Petit Duo Op. 53
Sor, Fernando: 3 Duos Faciles et Progressifs Op. 55
Sor, Fernando: 3 Petits Divertissements Op. 61
Sor, Fernando: Bolero a Duo.

VOLUME 12 - Advanced Guitar Duos – Parts
Sor, Fernando: L‘Encouragement – Fantaisie Op. 34
Sor, Fernando: L‘Encouragement arr. by N. Coste Les Deux Amis – Fantaisie Op. 41
Sor, Fernando: Fantaisie Op. 54bis
Sor, Fernando: Divertissement Op. 62
Sor, Fernando: Souvenir de Russie – Fantaisie Op. 63.

VOLUME 13 - Easy to Intermediate Guitar Duos – Full Size Study Score
contents identical to Volume 11

VOLUME 14 - Advanced Guitar Duos - Full Size Study Score
contents identical to Volume 12

* = 1st publication
* = 1st modern edition