Aguado, Dionisio
Complete Guitar Works Vol. 4
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Aguado, like Sor, was a master in short scale works, many of which are still quite unknown. Included here is his masterly re-working of Sor´s Grand Solo op.14.
Aguado war, wie Sor, ein Meister der kleinen Werke. Viele dieser Stücke sind immer noch nahezu unbekannt. Seine meisterliche Bearbeitung von Sor´s Gran Solo op.14 ist ebenso enthalten.
AGUADO: Douze Walses
AGUADO: Marche Militaire & Thème Varié
AGUADO: Muestra de Afecto y Reconocimiento (seis valses)
AGUADO: Allegro
AGUADO: Variaciones
AGUADO: Variaciones Brillantes
AGUADO: Colección de Andantes Valses y Minuetos
AGUADO: Valses Caractéristiques
SOR: Gran Solo (arr. Aguado)
AGUADO: La Guitare Fixée sur le Tripodison ou Fixateur (c.1836)
AGUADO: La guitare enseignée par une Méthode simple (c.1836)
Dionisio Aguado (1784-1849)
Born in Madrid, by all accounts he was a kindly, friendly, modest and generous person. His guitar playing was described by Saldoni as “sweet, touching and melodious”. He studied the guitar with Padre Basilio, moved to Paris from Madrid at the age of 42, and lived in the Hôtel Favart, at the time Sor was there. He departed for Madrid in 1839 to spend his last years teaching, and seeing the Nuevo Método para Guitarra (1843), his last and best-known Method, published. Matanya Ophée astutely remarked about Aguado’s first publication, the Colección de Estudios (1820), “This small book was to change forever the nature of guitar pedagogy”. We must ask why - the answer to is the key to the success of Aguado. Essentially, this publication was radically different: little text, few instructions, and studies much more advanced, more versatile and more effective. Hardly a topic is left uncovered, all fingers are used, even the RH pinky! However, here musical gesture is paired with technique and the studies gain in emotional depth and expression.